Magna Olea 500ml

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Magna Olea

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Magna Olea

This much-awarded extra virgin olive oil comes from Northern Portugal, called Magna Olea.

The olive oil is produced from locally grown Cobrançosa olives and is cold extracted within 24 hours of harvest.

Due to the early harvest and cold extraction during olive oil production, only a small fraction of 10 will turn into olive oil, resulting in a very limited production of Magna Olea..  

Each year, different tones and intensities make each harvest unique, while maintaining a strong identity. This, in combination with its excellent quality, makes this olive oil a very popular but limited available premium extra virgin olive oil.

Its main characteristics are aromatic fruitiness with green olives and fresh grass. Magna Olea has a soft bittersweet feel to start and gives way to exotic amalgamation of flavors with notes such as apple, banana and tomato, dry fruit almond and walnut, ending with a long lasting spicy finish.  

Excellent for dipping and drizzling over freshly toasted bread and for finishing off grilled vegetables and fish.

  Recent international awards:

-2020 NYIOOC Silver
- 2019 NYIOOC Gold
- 2019 Olive Japan Delicate Gold
- 2016 NYIOOC Gold
- 2016 Olive Japan Premier Med
- 2016 Portugal Bronze
- 2015 Mario Solinas 2015 - Top 5

Only available in the Netherlands at Pure Virge