Pascale Naessens

Our source of inspiration for starting the webshop is Pascale Naessens.

Pascale Naessens started her career as a fashion model. Today author and ceramist. She is the figurehead of pure and healthy food.

The starting point for her cookbooks is Healthy eating, which does not mean less, more boring and tasteless food, but more, more varied and tastier food. It is enjoying life in complete freedom.jheid.

One rule has been introduced to achieve healthy nutrition in daily life. A rule that offers you something to hold on to and through which you will make healthier choices:

Basic rules:

1 Don't mix fast carbohydrates with proteinsn

2 Only eat pure natural ingredientsur)

Don't skimp on olive oile



Vision of Pascale Naessens

Recipes from Pascale Naessens