About us

Pure Virge started selling high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil & amp; Balsamic vinegar. Our passion for Burgundian life arose at an early stage, which is not surprising given that we were both born and raised in 's-Hertogenbosch.

Like many of us, we also struggled for years with the trade-off between delicious Burgundian food and drink versus healthy food.

The cookbooks ofPascale Naessens made us think and sparked our passion. It gave us insight that healthy and tasty also go very well together. Food doesn't have to be boring, tasteless or unhealthy. Healthy fats contribute to a healthy and slimmer body because you feel satisfied for longer. Relaxation through good food, drinks and pleasant conversations with family, friends or just nice people contributes to good mental health. Eating and dining together can be more central in our lives.   

We only sell high-quality products. All our products are selected on punrefined, taste and design because the eye also wants something so that it optimally contributes to the experience and a healthy life.en. 






Mariëlle & amp; Robin de Vaan