ACETAIA Balsamico de Modena I.G.P. 250ml 12 jaar(4 munten) van Mussini


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The silver packaging, the beautiful bottle and the intense taste. These are the reasons to love this balsamic vinegar! The structure is almost syrupy and we can write about the taste for hours. You taste it and the first impression is deliciously sweet, with a fresh sourness at the end. A beautiful balsamic from Modena that we would like to introduce to you. The Balsamic vinegar has been in barrels for at least 12 years, which means it has thickened naturally (not boiled down).

Pour it over special dishes with pure ingredients such as salmon, shellfish or caviar. Delicious to drizzle over grilled poultry, fruit salad or pizza. Enjoy this Italian top product, and make your own culinary extravaganzas even tastier!

The Acetaia range includes four types of IGP balsamic vinegar from Modena with different intensities. Each is made for specific food combinations. It goes well with all dishes, but is best with vegetables, fish, white or red meat. The Acetaia 4 Coins is perfect on:

Fruit salad
Cooked or grilled vegetables
Grilled poultry and red meat
Fish (highly recommended salmon)
The Mussini family has a very extensive line of balsamic vinegar. The youngest are 7 years old and the oldest have matured on wood for no less than 100 years. The older a balsamic, the sweeter it becomes.

We recommend a balsamic vinegar of 7 or 9 years to use on salads, in combination with an olive oil. A 12 year old balsamic is already slightly sweeter and thicker in taste, which makes it very tasty with grilled vegetables, rocket with cheese shavings and a piece of meat. From 15 years onwards, a balsamic vinegar becomes more intense and acquires that recognisable sweet depth. At that point, it is ideal to serve with red fruit, a piece of real Parmesan cheese or over a piece of lightly fried duck breast.

The grape must of the Trebbiano grape is the basis for this type of vinegar. It has the typical deep brown colour, a persistent aroma and a sweet-sour, balanced flavour. It is poured into a wooden barrel to mature, and transferred to a smaller barrel each year. Because it continues to thicken, it becomes thicker and sweeter. The flavour becomes more mature and even slightly spicy.