Maak kennis met onze nieuwe producent “Magna Olea”.

Meet our new producer “Magna Olea”.

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Based in Mirandela Northern Portugal in the Vale de Madeiro. The farm is the result of the merger of two families with a long tradition, the families of Andrade and Gama.

Magna Olea produces on a small scale and is known for its superior quality extra virgin olive oil. Magna Olea belongs to the top of the world. This has also been confirmed in the New York International Olive Oil Competition(NYIOOC) where they won silver in 2020. We are therefore extra proud that Magna Olea has chosen to only work with Pure Virge in the Netherlands.

The olive oil is produced from locally grown Cobrançosa olives and is cold extracted within 24 hours of harvest.

Its main characteristics are aromatic fruitiness with green olives and fresh grass. Magna Olea has a soft bittersweet feel to start and gives way to exotic amalgamation of flavors with notes such as apple, banana and tomato, dry fruit almond and walnut, ending with a long lasting spicy finish.k.

Excellent for dipping and drizzling over freshly toasted bread and for finishing off grilled vegetables and fish.

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