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LIÁ premium extra virgin olive oil comes from an area that is located in Filiatra, a picturesque provincial town in Messinia in Greece, close to Mount Egaleo, in the cool of the breeze from the Ionian sea. Its exceptional soil quality interacts with its unique microclimate. These factors contribute to the olive cultivation here under optimal environmental conditions.

Both mythologically and historically, our country is strongly linked to two cultural centers of ancient Greece: the kingdom of Nestor and Classical Messinia. These links with the past are a source of inspiration so that we can offer you one of the most important products of Messinian culture that we have a deep respect for: our unique extra virgin olive oil.

The trees belong to the Koronèiki variety that is native to Greece. Its olives ripen around November and December, yielding olive oil of excellent quality, whose special properties combine a fruity, smooth taste and an aroma of apple and grass with an exceptionally low acidity.


LIÁ premium extra virgin olive oil is sealed in a white bottle, so you can liven up your family and friends gatherings with this Messinian deliciousness. Its exceptional taste, aroma and properties are the result of our strenuous efforts throughout the production process, from cultivation to storage.

Lia combine traditional cultivation methods with modern techniques while respecting the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Lia still picks their olives by hand, as their parents used to do, so they can make sure that neither the fruit nor the trees are damaged. They only use linen bags and bring the harvest to the olive press the same day so that they can be sure that the fruits retain all their qualities until further processing takes place. Lia only uses the cold press method to ensure that the nutritional value, flavor and aromatic properties of the olives are transferred to the oil pulp.

The LIÁ olive oil comes in a specially designed opaque white bottle to protect the oil from light and maintain its top quality.