Maak kennis met onze producent “Olio Guglielmi”.

Meet our producer “Olio Guglielmi”.

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Since 1954, the Gugliemli family has been producing extra virgin olive oil from their own olives. They continue to innovate while staying true to the roots of the oil culture in Puglia.

The pearls of wisdom from Apulian olive cultivation are passed on from generation to generation. The knowledge is not only safeguarded, but even reinforced by a vision about production that looks to the future.

Olijven van Guglielmi worden geoogst

Thus the new olive press was born. Here, thanks to grinding within hours of harvest, various extra virgin olive oils come to life.

The olive grove of Olio Guglielmi is the heart of the company. The meticulous and loving care comes from an extreme respect for nature and from the realization that extra virgin oil is born on the branch from the well-tended healthy fruit. Coratina, Peranzana and Ogliarola are just some of the typical Apulian olive varieties. The design of the olive bottles are just as beautiful and special as their contents. For example, Guglielmi had their Multicultivar lines designed by artists. In every detail a relationship with the environment of the olive variety is hidden.

Eigenaar van Guglielmi 

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